Thursday, 11 January 2018

Final Project Reflection

The novel that I read for this Global Issue Novel Study is called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. This book I found was was a very good candidate for this novel study especially for me and people that are like me because it’s a very engaging and interesting book but it still deals with some global issues around the world mostly racism. This book is a very great read especially for me and I don’t usually read that much. It was extremely easy to understand for me because it felt like it connected to me on a personal level. By it connecting to me personally it helped me stay engaged and never want to put the book down. 

I would surely recommend this novel to more of the readers who love comedy and teenage references because it is such a good read and a good comedy book with many references that teenage boys would completely get. Another book that should be listed in this novel study that I know of from my mom is called the hate you give. It is similar to this book but with a little more of a serious mood. It involves the modern equality problem between the black people and the white people kind of like in this book except this book deals with the indigenous and the white people.

That Is the final blog of this project hope you guys enjoyed! But let me ask you, What would you do in the situation of Junior inside of this book?

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

THE FINAL POST!/The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Final 20%

Basketball Shoes
I chose this specific item because Junior(main character) started to gain his love and passion for basketball after his dad inspires him to try out for the basketball team in Reardan(c.20); this led to him making varsity. As he tried out the coach told him he was the best shooter he has ever seen play high school basketball(c.20) and it is really hard to play in normal shoes because they have no ankle support and they don’t have good grip on a gym floor so by having hand me down ripping basketball shoes it helps him become better while playing the game.

Report Card
I chose to add this inside the locker of Junior because Junior doesn't like to brag and he always puts himself down not others and since his report card is really good I thought he wouldn’t like to bring it home and brag to his parents and Rowdy especially because they don’t get as good grades and both parents were drop outs so I thought that having his report card in his locker to himself would symbolize his non-self confidence

Penelope’s Love Note
I chose to incorporate Penelope’s love note because it is a huge part of the story. Juniors love for penelope is huge, it kept him going at some points when he wanted to give up and live a horrible life. So to symbolize the love part of Junior’s life I added a love note from Penelope.

Broken Down Winter Jacket
I chose to add a bad quality winter jacket because Junior walks miles to go to school in Reardan and this winter coat is to keep him warm when he walks through the snow and through cold weather conditions. This is supposed to symbolize the travel it takes from wellpinit to Reardan.

Rodger’s Jersey
I put rodgers jersey in to represent the discrimination Junior received when he first entered Rearden and the change throughout the year.

Geometry textbook
I put a geometry textbook(p.28) in his locker because geometry is one of his favourite classes mostly because of his teacher. Mr. P is Arnolds favourite teacher which connects to his love of geometry(p.25). Mr. P told Junior to follow his dreams and to get out of the rez and do something with his life(p.42)(which this basically started up the whole story.


I chose to add a sketchbook in Juniors locker because it connects to one of my favourite quotes from the book “There are all kind of addicts, I guess. We all have pain. And we all look for ways to make the pain go away.(p.107)” This quote connects to a sketchbook because his way of getting away from pain and griefing is drawing.

The basketball of the final game against rowdy’s team
I chose to add the basketball that is played with when Junior and Rowdy went face to face. I chose to add this because it represents the climax of the book. In the climax of the book Junior and Rowdy play against each other in the finals of basketball. This ball represents the conflict throughout the book between Junior and Rowdy and how it was resolved.

My choice is a locker because a locker represents his drive to become somebody. Staying in the reservoir makes him a nobody but going to school in a better place gives him opportunities to become known, to become the first indian who is someone, someone who is told stories of in the future(P46)

The Background Sketched
I chose to sketch the background because I tried to represent how Junior would portray his thoughts to the readers of the novel. Junior spread his thoughts through his sketches that were shown throughout the book and I tried to add in a little bit of the same style of the book.

Everything on the top part of the locker
Everything on the top part of his locker are supposed to symbolize his most important things in life so for example basketball. Basketball is what put Junior’s and Rowdy’s friendship back together(p.197). It is also one of the very few physical things that Junior is actually good at which is very important. Another thing that is on the top locker is some of his education and his sketchbook. I put this on his top locker because education is what will get him farther in life and education lets him succeed to become someone which is his life goal. His sketchbook is also there because to get away from his trash life he draws. This is important because he has to get away from his life to get the courage to go and succeed and to keep living because it will get better.

Jersey and coat on different sides
The reason I put the jersey and the coat on two different sides is because it’s kind of like a half and half thing. The jersey shows his white side and his messed up coat shows his indian side. I thought that it would be good because he is going in the right way but he still has his past indian life. So the coat is supposed to symbolize the past indian life and the jersey is supposed to symbolize his drive to keep going the right way in life.

Hope you readers enjoyed this novel study blog post series type thing!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indians FRIEND Blog Post #4 Fourth 20%

        My name is Rowdy and I am the best friend of the smallest but biggest loser Indian of all time. Actually my very best and only friend. I grew up on a small reserve called Wellpinit, my job is to kick the butt out of anyone that messes with me, my family, and my best friend Junior. You might know him as Arnold Spirit. My family is so CRAZY, I think you call it domestic abuse or something. My family makes me feel like I'm permanently in one VERY long Monday afternoon and Junior is the only thing that keeps that day go faster. I used to just hanging with him reading Archie comics located in a very restricted area, known as the hole in my closet (don't tell anyone or you're dead). But things started to go down hill when my smart, stupid "best friend" decided to leave the res and go to a stupid school called Rearden, the white kid school. My life now sucks, Junior is gone and I officially hate his guts.

        Basketball is my thing, straight up, and my thing only. I never thought that I would have to play against my so called "best friend" and his rich white teammates, he even made varsity. I averaged a total of 40 points per game, quite a carry on my part, we have never lost a game. That is until our second game against Rearden.

         At our second game against Rearden, this game was a complete shock, Junior went completely off. At tipoff we started the game strong. I stole the ball and was running down the court on a breakaway. I went up for the biggest dunk of the season to humiliate that little stupid traitor but he managed to jump as high as me and block it. It all went south from there, Rearden won and I stewed for a long week. Then life started looking up.

Junior out of the blue emailed me and apologized about the game. Of course, my response was a big fat "You suck". But that email opened the communication again. 

Life is not worth living without a friend. I started to realize that a Junior wasn't leaving me behind, he had wanted to better his life which was the right decision. Best friends understand each other and I started to understand him and he did the same. Wanderlust is what makes Arnold, Arnold.

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian Blog post #3 Third 20%

The third 20 percent of this book has been WILD, full of fun and quite a roller coaster. As most of you guys know this book deals with a crazy amount of racism between the Native-Americans and the Caucasian-Americans. Leading this blog post into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how it connects with this book. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a little document listed inside the Canadian constitution which is metaphorically a mother because it lists out the rules of how are country should and is operating. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is divided into collective rights and individual right and these 5 sections are in the individual rights part of the charter: fundamental freedoms democratic rights, mobility rights, and equality rights.

       This book connects to the equality rights section of the individual rights part of the charter because it deals with racism and perspectives of both the Indigenous-Americans and the Caucasian-Americans. It puts us in the perspective of an Native boy going to school in a white community hearing all of these perspectives of him from the Caucasian-Americans because of his race. The individual rights part deals with this problem and finds ways to move closer to equality in Canada but in America it's rules don't apply which is why I find that this racism is a problem inside of this book.

     The Last 40% percent of the book before this blog post connects to the equality part of the individual rights part of the charter in a negative way because the different perspectives of each and every person in this book is negative about the other race but it doesn't mean there is still a little bit of equality. In the sixty percent that I have read so far junior kind of dates the Penelope girl I explained in my last blog post, this starts to make other people start to like and get used to the Indigenous perspective because Penelope is such a popular girl and if she likes something everybody likes it. But if it ends then the discrimination against each other will start up again so I have been waiting for what is going to happen next.

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Second 20%

DAAAAAAAANNNNNGG that was my reaction for all of these surprises anyway 40 percent 
of the book so far is amazing, I seriously can’t put it down. There have been many surprises so 
threw out the book but the ones that have stood out for me the most are listed below:

 The first thing that surprised me was the choice of Junior entering Reardan High School. 
Reardan High School is a school with a population filled with ninety percent caucasian or “white people” as Junior would put it(p.45).

The second thing that was very surprising throughout the book so far for me was the
inequality. Inequality is way bigger than I expected in this book, indian privileges in this book are 
extremely low almost as if they are irrelevant. So it surprised me the disrespect and looks he got when he first entered Reardan high.(p.56)

The last thing that surprised me was the choice of a particular someone who is named penelope. Penelope is like the queen of Reardan and she went out of her way to be the first to introduce herself to Junior(p.59) Junior has a lot of feelings to this girl and later in the book they begin to sort of date. This fixes the inequality because Junior got to have the queen of Reardan on his side.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Blog Post #1 First 20%

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian!! The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian puts us in a very tough and difficult time for Arnold Spirit A.K.A Junior (the main character). The setting of the novel is in a poor Indian reservation called Wellpinit where 80% of the Indians living within it are struggling financially. This puts them in a depressed drinking state. Junior is a fourteen year old boy that has some special needs. When Junior was born as he explains was diagnosed with "water on the brain" or "brain grease"referring to too much cerebrospinal fluid inside his skull. This altered his appearance and the way he thinks, breathes and even talks. This makes it harder to fit in with most others which leads to bullying.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Why Blog Post #1

cThe book I have chose to read is called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 
I chose this book because a lot of people in the past have suggested I read this book and I never had the time or ever really wanted to read.  Another reason why I chose this book is because on the blurb it seemed like the type of book I like reading. It just seemed like a book that I would find interesting and enjoy reading and thats what I was looking for.